Planisware Enterprise aus Sicht führender Analysten

Planisware Enterprise wird regelmäßig durch führende Analysten im PPM Umfeld unter die Lupe genommen. Machen Sie sich ein Bild davon, wie diese uns einschätzen.

Vergleichende Marktstudie des Business Application Research Center

BARC (Business Application Research Center), 9. Auflage, 2017

Planisware Enterprise ist vor allem dort eine angemessene Wahl, wo komplexe Projektportfolios mit klaren Prozessen gesteuert werden sollen. Das spiegelt auch die Referenzliste wider. Die Software ist stark im Pharmabereich mit seinen durch regulatorische Vorgaben stark betonten Entscheidungspunkten. Auch in anderen F&E-Bereichen, etwa bei der strukturierten Produktentwicklung, wie sie beispielsweise in der Automobilindustrie erfolgt, kann die Software ihre Stärken ausspielen.


"The Forrester Wave™: Strategic Portfolio Management Tools, Q3 2017

Planisware Enterprise is among the leading vendors and provides ample support in all capabilities, with investment planning, program and road map capabilities highlighted as particular strengths. Clients referenced flexible resource management, strong financial planning and the ability to manage hybrid – traditional and Agile – projects as differentiators. 

The The Forrester Wave™: Portfolio Management Tools For The BT Agenda, Q1 2015

The vendor embraces the full life cycle from strategy to execution. Flexibility enables companies to evolve at their own pace and maturity models offer guidance. Product enhancements include social PPM, meeting management, Agile development, program management, and more collaboration to improve integration between planning and execution. 

The Forrester Wave™: Project Portfolio Management, Q4 2009

Planisware Enterprise brings a global approach to project portfolio management. Like many of the leaders, Planisware Enterprise is a good example of the balanced approach that vendors must take to differentiate themselves in both the business and the IT markets by offering support of global projects and distributed teams. Planisware Enterprise leverages effective planning capabilities at every level — from strategy and portfolio planning to program and project planning. Planisware Enterprise’s ability to leverage long experience with product development makes it a particularly strong choice with business and product-driven portfolios; however, its ability to build and modify robust methodologies makes it a choice for large IT organizations as well.

It’s Time To Revisit PPM For Product Development, Q4 2009

Planisware Enterprise [...] ha[s] built [its] businesses around the product development space and [is one of the two] clear market share leader. Look for these vendors to differentiate themselves from the other market entrants by offering high-value product technology strategy capabilities, portfolio analytics, and other executive-decision-support features.

Roadmap: Corporate Portfolio Management — A New Market For Project Portfolio Management, Q3 2008

Planisware functions well.[...] Planisware has a highly configurable product, making it suitable for many different types of project-initiative applications, and financial modeling capabilities that come closest to meeting CPM financial management requirements.

Info-Tech Research Group

Info-Tech, Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, 2014


Planisware Enterprise is a recurring Champion in Info-Tech's PPM vendor landscapes with a robust, comprehensive tool. Planisware Enterprise should be a good shortlist PPM solution for most organizations, and is a "must consider" for any organization looking for a product development and strategic roadmapping solution


Info-Tech, Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management, 2012


Planisware Enterprise is a solid PPM solution for large enterprises with capiat investment or product development portfolios. Its multi-lingual and multi-currency support and strong partner network makes it an ideal solution for global enterprises. Planisware Enterprise continues to be the top- scoring overall vendor according to Info-Tech's Vendor Landscape: Enterprise Project Portfolio Management


Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide, May 2019

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  • As of 2018, Planisware has direct ownership of all of our SaaS infrastructure,” according to Pierre Demonsant, co-founder and CEO of Planisware.  “This dramatically reduces the time required to address client issues and changes, making our cloud offering one of the most adaptable on the market. We also invested in a redesign of our user experience across both products,” noted Mr. Demonsant. “The newly streamlined and intuitive UX/UI maximizes the benefit customers derive from the powerful tools in our solutions.  We believe that Gartner’s positioning of Planisware in the 2019 Leaders quadrant for PPM affirms the impact of our strategic moves and reflects the continued strength and versatility of our offerings in a rapidly evolving market.

Magic Quadrant for Project Portfolio Management, Worldwide, May 2018

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  • Planisware's acquisition of NQI Corporation in March 2018 adds the Orchestra PPM to its product options for different types of PPM customers. Whereas Planisware Enterprise often supports formal, mature project environments in large enterprises, Planisware Orchestra's core capabilities target increasingly agile, iterative and hybrid project execution environments. It also emphasizes team-based collaboration and the adoption of varied methods of project and work execution in enterprises of various sizes. 
  • Planisware provides scalable and robust PPM, with features allowing users to prioritize projects included in a portfolio, and then drill down into planned resource consumption views, head count requirements, planned expenditures and budgets. By also tracking cost and value against projects, users can then present historical, present and future perspectives of their project portfolios.
  • Planisware Enterprise is strong in supporting the emergent PPM shift away from a project-based focus to more of a product-based focus, where appropriate. The acquired Orchestra product provides Planisware with an additional midmarket option for prospective customers who anticipate managing both project-based and product-based workstreams as part of their PPM functions.

Critical Capabilities for IT Project and Portfolio Management Applications, Worldwide, September 2016 [Report herunterladen]

  • Planisware Enterprise, as might be expected from a solution that is widely used in new product development processes as well as for IT PPM, has good support for allowing ideas or other demands to be entered, scored and voted
  • The program management module is sophisticated, and includes roadmaps, profit and loss statements (that are also available at the project level), a collaborative "wall" for the program, version management, extensive drill-down capabilities, documents, scorecards, and a competitive analysis page.
  • Robust project scheduling capabilities (Gantt charts) are available in the tool, and bidirectional integration to external schedulers such as Microsoft Project or Primavera are also available ... The solution has good support for resource planning with drag-and-drop to assign role or individual, as well as algorithmic support for resource planning.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis Application, Q3 2011

  • Planisware Enterprise provides a core set of portfolio management features for connection and communication between the IT PMO and application management.
  • The company's APM support includes application road mapping, as well as underlying requirements gathering and release management capabilities.
  • Planisware Enterprise added a native service breakdown structure to its product for defining an IT service and mapping out its underlying components.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT PPM, Q2 2010

  • Planisware Enterprise features a flexible architecture that enables the system to support a variety of databases, ERP systems, operating systems, document management systems, requirements management systems, Web servers, Web browsers and project-scheduling/planning systems.
  • With its added "road mapping" capability, Planisware Enterprise now enables users to plan a product or IT strategy using a timeline metaphor, and also synchronize elements within a portfolio road map to project scheduling or product/application road map elements.
  • Customers cite the support and service they receive from Planisware Enterprise as a strength of the provider.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT PPM, Q2 2009

  • Planisware Enterprise allows users to perform more-efficient project management, including the management of schedules, costs, and risks of a project, accessible through online reporting facilities and integrated views. The portfolio management functionality allows analysis of both point-in-time and trend data.
  • Customers report that Planisware Enterprise's business intelligence capabilities and reporting are marked strengths of the product.
  • Customers are pleased with the level of support and customer service they receive from Planisware Enterprise.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT PPM, Q2 2008

  • Resource management is supported by a strong scheduling engine and preconfigured industry practices for target markets (especially product development).
  • Planisware Enterprise best suits more capable IT organizations with a product development orientation; prospects with simpler needs may opt for more flexible packaging and pricing.


IDC MarketScape: IT Project and Portfolio Management, 2010 Vendor Analysis

Planisware Enterprise's strengths lie in its single architecture, modular design, focus for key vertical areas, Web-based interface, and configurability for those areas. With modules targeting not only IT (PPM) but also new product development and product life-cycle management (PLM) and corporate portfolio management (CPM), Planisware Enterprise can enable coordination across different business units to let them begin leveraging common data, reporting, and metrics.[...]
Planisware Enterprise enables excellent functionality in key areas including project, program, and financial management as well as strong portfolio and resource management.[...]