Planisware Enterprise-Demo: Warum Roadmaps sinnvoll sind

Why, what, when, and how integrated roadmaps can help your organization coordinate portfolios, programs, products according to strategic objectives.

Roadmapping is a strategic process, a visual communication tool, and planning technique that helps organizations coordinate strategic initiatives across portfolios, programs, products, and projects.

Initially adopted by product organizations, and most frequently high-tech, roadmapping is gaining popularity in the engineering world and within IT organizations.

By defining a roadmap, you can illustrate how objectives and drivers (usually tied to markets) are linked to enablers (such as products, platforms, technologies, processes, or people), to be accomplished within a given time-frame (usually a matter of years).

This 30 minute webinar draws on Planisware Entersprise's experience with different implementations, and shows an example of how an organization can use roadmapping tools to:

  • Communicate and disseminate corporate strategy
  • Plan the technologies, products, and marketing events across a business unit and within a product line
  • Impact test different scenarios and identify the right one to address a potential risk
  • Graphically report key project information