Planisware Enterprise-Demo: Grossprojekte managen

Meeting the challenges of large scale projects. 5 tools inspired by customers to keep projects on schedule and within budget.

In this 30 minute demo, we show how Planisware Enterprise can make the management of your most demanding, large-scale engineering projects simple.

We will discuss in particular 5 key features:

  • Multi-level planning to divide projects into manageable, delegated components
  • "Smart" templates that combines libraries with parametric estimation to fast-track and improve accuracy of schedules and estimates
  • Timelines to communicate easily even the most heavy schedules to all stakeholders
  • The workbox, a team member one-stop-shop solution for all messaging and alert needs
  • And as the project progress, how Planisware Enterprise reconcilation of top-down / bottom-up provides both autonomy and alignement at all levels